Saturday, January 21, 2012

What is Inspiration?

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What is inspiration? 
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It is an experience of feeling your soul lifted above the cares and concerns of everyday life. Inspiration is being in a state of mind where everything is possible, everything is clear, and we feel at one with the universe [and our Maker, God].
The state in which we can create without effort.
Inspiration is the ability to look at our life’s work, and to know that all we have to do to accomplish everything that needs to be done, is to put our hearts into the tasks that present themselves.
To be instruments for the creation of beauty,[ health & wealth] and to let our work be expressed through us.
To remove the unnecessary rough walls that imprison the lovely contributions that we all have to make to the world.
The ideal state to be in when we are performing our life’s work, whether that work is creating art, music, or poetry, running a business, raising a family, or helping and healing.
If you wait to be inspired before you take action, you may find that you are not taking much action. Try getting started on something, and trust [God] that the inspiration will follow.
If you want to be inspired, and to truly understand what is inspiration, just step out of your own way. Stop blocking your own inspiration with excuses not to create what you are destined to create. Believe in your heart that you have something important to contribute, and then take action and start doing it. The inspiration will follow.
Success is about [being smart], hard work as well as being inspired.

Success=Smartness + Hard work + Inspiration

How often are you inspired?